Là Chícôry- Barley Flavor

Là Chícôry- Barley Flavor

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Key Features:

  • Makes 30/60 cups of Lip Smacking Chicory
  • This rich in starch flavored Happisips gives you the energy boost to last you all day
  • Barley chicory comes with Inulin, helping your heart stay healthy
  • With no additives, chicory is your best alternative to your regular drink
  • Can be had hot or cold

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Additional Information :

Happiness in Every Sip: Happisips is the pioneer in bringing to you a revolution of its own kind. A plant based organic Chicory drink that has loads of nutrients and benefits. For many years, chicory has been used as an ideal herbal remedy for curing different diseases.

Let us have a look at some of the best benefits of Chicory products:

Protects Liver :

Chicory root extract to protect the liver against toxicity and chemically induced free radicals was reviewed. It was shown that chicory extract contains natural antioxidants. It was also found that the extract can hunt for reactive free radicals.Due to these properties, chicory is known to boost the body’s defense system along with liver detoxification.

Anti- Inflammatory :

Chicory has traditionally been used as a treatment for arthritis, and studies have shown it to have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it reduces the pain in conditions like osteoarthritis. The chicory treatment reported a noticeable improvement in the pain associated with their osteoarthritis conditions. As a general anti-inflammatory agent for aches, muscle pains, and joint
soreness for this same reason, the chicory can also be used.

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150gm, 75gm


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