Happisips Ceramic Mug & Sachets Combo


Happisips Ceramic Mug & Sachets Combo

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  • Mint Flavor
  • Raspberry Flavor
  • Barley Flavor
  • Caramel Flavor
  • Hazelnut Flavor
  • Classic Flavor


Ceramic Mug

Whether you’re looking for a new cup for home, for your daily commute to work or one to keep at the office to get your day really started, our mugs are the best choice! Sturdy, Stylish and everything else you’re looking for!


Happiness in Every Sip: Happisips is the pioneer in bringing to you a revolution of its own kind. A plant based organic Chicory drink that has loads of nutrients and benefits. For many years, chicory has been used as an ideal herbal remedy for curing Different diseases.

Let us have a look at some of the best benefits of Chicory products:

Reduces Stress:

Chicory has sedative and anti inflammatory properties that are known to reduce anxiety and soothe the mind, thereby relieving stress and the dangerous effects it can have on the body. Chicory root extracts used, act as a sleep aid due to its sedative quality and are much healthier than over the counter sleeping pills in the conventional market. Chicory reduces stress, anxiety and can also help reduce your chances of a heart disease, hormonal imbalance, insomnia, cognitive decline, and premature ageing.

Effective in Digestion:

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that chicory is very useful in maintaining a good digestive health. It consists of inulin, which is ideally considered as an effective probiotic. Probiotics is generally one of its kinds of bacteria that confer benefits on the host, rather than diseases. The inulin helps in combating a number of intestinal and digestive concerns, which also includes acid
reflux disease.

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