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Health Benefits of Chicory

  • Makes you smarter Containing all the right vitamins and minerals to boost your brain health, chicory makes you smarter
  • Good for your heart Containing Inulin, Chicory helps you reduce the LDL cholesterol in your body making your heart healthier
  • Dietary fiber Chicory is a great source of Inulin, a dietary fiber making you and your tummy happy
  • Bye-bye to anxiety Chicory is a great source of antioxidants that help you soothe your mind
  • Caffeine-free life Switch to a healthier life with chicory which has the same old taste and aroma but without any harmful effects
  • Increases Immunity Chicory meets your antibacterial needs, giving you the right kick to conquer the day

For The First Time
in India

Coffee is passé. Happisips brings you a 100% chicory beverage that tastes and smells just like coffee, but is healthier and trendier.
  • Caffeine – Free
  • Immunity Booster
  • Good For The Heart
  • Diabetic – Friendly
  • Acts As A Prebiotic
  • Reduces Stress

Client Testimonials

“Ever since I can remember, I have been a coffee lover. So, when my friends suggested Happisips to me, I was reluctant. However, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised! It has the same taste and smell like my favourite cup of coffee. But, it feels so much better! I am fresher and healthier than ever before! Strongly recommended!"
"In my world of late night meetings and brutal deadlines, we live on coffee. I used to consume anywhere between 5 – 7 cups a day. And the effects were starting to show. My gut health deteriorated and my sleep cycle went for a toss. I knew I had to change, look for an alternative. Thankfully, I came across Happisips. Since then, it has been a remarkable transformation for me. This chicory drink is such a healthier alternative to regular coffee. I sleep better and feel stronger. Go for it. It will change your life!"
Investment Banker
"I was what you can call a coffee fanatic. My day started with a cup and ended with one. Not to mention the multiple cups consumed during business meetings. One day, I saw my partner take out a jar of Happisips. Being a curious person, I asked to try it. And I am glad I did! Today, I cant do without my Happisips jar. They have so many great flavors that I am never bored. My favourite is Caramel. Try it, you will thank me!"

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